Student Responsibilities

In order to succeed at Charter Oak in your role as a student you’re expected to take an active role in your own learning. 


While you are enrolled at Charter Oak, you are expected to:


  • Know the policies and procedures about enrollment and matriculation and to comply with them.
  • Meet your financial obligations to the college on time.
  • Know the policies of the college.
  • Reach out to your academic advisor if you need assistance regarding course, registration, personal issues, change of major, or other issues that are impacting your academic work.
  • Ensure that you are enrolling in the courses needed. Double check so you are not taking a course that you already took or one that you don’t need.  If  it says “repeat,” when you attempt to register, please check with your advisor before you register for the course.)


In your courses, you are expected to:


  • Read the syllabus for each course and comply with its expectations.
  • Above all, contribute actively to the learning environment (group work, peer reviews, etc.) for your own benefit and for your classmates’ benefit.
  • Know the course policies.
  • Complete your assignments on time.  If you have questions about the assignments, contact your instructor.  If an emergency arises that prevents you from doing your work on time, contact your instructor right away or contact your academic advisor.
  • Participate in threaded discussions in a thoughtful way that contributes to the learning in the course, both your own and your fellow students.
  • Know and abide by the conventions of “netiquette”. 
  • Understand the rules of academic honesty and abide by them.
  • Reach out to your professor as your first point of contact if you have concerns about course content, grades, assignments, etc.  If you can’t get ahold of your professor, you can contact Susana Orozco, Administrator, at  or your academic advisor.


At the end of your courses, you are expected to:

  • Complete the course evaluation providing feedback on the quality of the learning experience to the College and its staff and faculty.  Your feedback will be used to improve the course for future learners.


A student who requires accommodations for a disability should:

  • Contact the Office of Accessibility Services to begin the registration process: