Welcome to the Registrar’s Office!

The Registrar’s Office is responsible for the maintenance and security of all student academic records for undergraduate, graduate, current and former students. Please take some time to browse this section to familiarize yourself with the College’s policies and procedures. We have made many of our forms available on the web, affording you the opportunity to print the form and follow the process for completion as indicated, or fill out the forms on your computer and submit them as a .pdf attachment.

Charter Oak State College reserves the right to limit or exclude the transfer of credit if the course content, assessment process , or student learning outcomes do not meet Charter Oak’s faculty standards. Given these standards, effective January 16, 2020, credit will no longer be accepted in transfer from the following organizations:

  • Consortium for International Studies (CIS)
  • Coopersmith
  • Rechtschaffen Institute of Judaic Studies (RIJS)
  • Tor Academy

Charter Oak State College will also not accept credit in transfer for online self-paced courses originating from TEL Learning, even if the credit is transcripted by one of their Regionally Accredited College Partners. TEL Learning is a Non-Collegiate course provider and is subject to the Charter Oak Non-Collegiate course provider agreement policy for alternative educational providers. Because Charter Oak does not have an agreement with TEL Learning, credits earned via their platform are not transferable.

Charter Oak State College is located in Connecticut, where the Eastern Standard Time zone (EST) is utilized in defining the start and end of a week within the term, as well as drop and withdrawal deadline times, assignment and exam submission times, and other college policy deadlines.