Company Bill/Third Party Letter of Credit Requirements:

  • Authorized letter must cite the specific courses and fees covered by third party payer.    
  • The letter must be signed by an authorized individual.
  • Third party payers must agree to pay the billed tuition and fees regardless of the academic outcome of the student.   
  • Student has the understanding that they are responsible for any amounts not covered/paid by the third party payer.
  • Invoices are due upon receipt.  Deferred payment is not acceptable.  
  • The College has the right to refuse/decline letters at the College's discretion.

**We can not accept letters of credit for textbooks. You will have to purchase your textbooks and submit for reimbursement in this situation. 

Company Bill/Third Party Letter Submission Process:

1. Student will first deliver authorized 3rd party letter to:
Charter Oak State College
Attention: Bursar Office
185 Main Street
New Britian, CT 06051

2. Fees will be billed after the designated drop period for the registered course or as previously agreed upon with the 3rd party. 

3. Your enrollment will not be complete until an approved letter of credit is received or you make a payment toward the course. If your letter of credit is not received and showing under your Account Activity link from the My Account Balance site by college's payment deadline, your entire semester's registration is subject to cancellation. If you have a letter of credit that does not appear on your account please contact the Business Office at or (860) 515-3704.