Welcome to the Registrar’s Office!

The Registrar’s Office is responsible for the maintenance and security of all student academic records for undergraduate, graduate, current and former students. Please take some time to browse this section to familiarize yourself with the College’s policies and procedures. We have made many of our forms available on the web, affording you the opportunity to print the form and follow the process for completion as indicated, or fill out the forms on your computer and submit them as a PDF attachment.


Non-Collegiate Course Provider Partnerships:

Approved online self-paced courses from Straighterline, Sophia, Study.com and CSM Learn need to be completed at the 80% score threshold in order to be transferable to Charter Oak. The list of transferable courses per provider may have changed as many of our previous partner agreements have expired and been renewed. Please contact your advisor for questions regarding courses you may have planned for future terms from the above organizations.

Excelsior College UEXCEL Examinations:

Excelsior College has discontinued their UEXCEL Exams.  Please contact your advisor if you have a planned UEXCEL Exam to make alternative arrangements.