Registration Policies and Regulations

To review all of the Colleges registration policies and regulations, please view the Official Catalog

Dropping Courses

There are drop dates for each term. If you wish to drop a course in which you enrolled, please go to the Student Self Service Tab.

The deadline dates and times for all course drops and withdrawals are listed in the Academic Calendar . ***If you are receiving financial aid, contact the Financial Aid Office to find out what impact the add/drop or withdrawal will have on your financial aid.

Withdrawal Process

A student should take the responsibility for initiating the withdrawal process. To withdraw from a class, students must complete the electronic withdrawal form

Students must officially withdraw by the established withdrawal deadlines on the Academic Calendar. After these deadlines, students must complete the course or receive a failing grade (“F”). Merely informing your Instructor or Counselor of your intent to withdraw does not constitute an official withdrawal. It is strongly suggested that before you withdraw you talk to your academic counselor and if you are on financial aid, with the Financial Aid Office.

The student’s last date of active participation in the course will be used in the recalculation of the student’s financial aid.

Administrative Withdrawals

Administrative Course Withdrawal

Students are expected to attend all courses for which they have registered. Timely course attendance and participation is a requirement for successful completion of Charter Oak State College courses. Students who do not attend a registered course by the close of week 1 or who fail to maintain active participation in a course for two consecutive weeks will be administratively withdrawn from the course with a final grade of ‘AW’.

Administrative withdrawals may have implications on a student’s Financial Aid award and satisfactory academic progress. Students who are administratively withdrawn from a course will not be eligible for a tuition refund. Administrative withdrawal from one or more courses during a semester does not relieve the student of financial responsibility for any costs associated with or resulting from registration for the semester: including tuition, registration or any College fees. When students are administratively withdrawn from a course, a final grade of “AW” will be entered into their academic record and they will be removed from the course in Blackboard.

Administrative Withdrawal from the College

The Registrar will administratively withdraw students who do not pay the College fee for two consecutive semesters. Students will be administratively withdrawn after the last day to register for classes in the third semester. These students must apply for re-admission upon their return; and if accepted, are responsible for the curriculum requirements and fees at the time of their new acceptance date.

General Refund Policy

Please refer to the Academic Calendar for the official refund dates. Below are the general guidelines for a refund from courses dropped.
***Computer issues do not constitute a valid reason for a refund as we are an online college and it is expected that each student has a working computer.

For all credit courses:

100% up until the end of the 2nd day of courses.

50% for the following:

- 5 week course – 5 days from start of classes (by Friday @ 11:59pm)

- 8 week course – 7 days from the start of classes (by Sunday @ 11:59pm)

- 10 week course – 10 days from start of classes (by Wednesday of second week @ 11:59pm)

- 15 week course – 13 days from start of classes (by Saturday of second week @ 11:59pm) 
For all non-credit courses:

If a student drops a non-credit course before the start of the course, a full refund will be issued. On the first day of the course, and any day after, no refunds will issued. Course start dates can be found on the academic calendar each semester.

Charter Oak will abide by the College policy regarding students who are called to military and/or emergency service. Under extraordinary circumstances and with appropriate documentation, Charter Oak will refund 100% tuition or fees to students who are delayed or disrupted by their official/emergency duties from attending as scheduled.